"The head of the armor is hard! The blade likes to stay in the sea." When he was young, he was famous for his chivalry in yanzhao, but at this moment when he was fightin "Stop, stop. Don't do this in my class. Go back to your seat. You don't have to stop." Although he was willing to believe the old man and his party, the human heart was such a thing! Two wild animals once again displayed their skills, a white fog, a Firebird, kept pouring out of the "In the shrine of Princess Shenmeng, there are several such things guarding the prison." In the sky forum, at this moment is the peak of popularity again. Countless sky people are talking a If you don't know whether the antique is true or not, you should know how it is. Lin's Micro arms, on the other hand, are moving quickly under the search of these metal blocks. No one knows why these two people were possessed by the devil just now, and why they got into the de And the wind and fire beads are still pouring lava into the vortex below. It is ironic that she learned from others that the imitation plan was completely bankrupt. After a moment's thought, a light of Rune flew out of Ye Zhen's hand and fell toward a trans Zichen energy clear feeling, at the moment the body changes. "Dragon, tell me what you want --" Wang Dong came out of the space crack, and then walked to the dra The old man with white hair Mu GUI nods and continues to distinguish the road ahead. He takes severa In particular, Li Mingchang and Ma Yunfei, who came with their families, still remember this scene. His hair was black and he had a big back.

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